My great Boxing Blog thing


Rocky an epic boxing movie saga

The Rocky movies are what most people think of when it comes to boxing movies and its for a good reason they are just great. My dad always loved them so when i was old enough to understand anything I watched his favourite movies with him. The underdog storey appeals to most people and everyone tends to fall for this sweet dim witted Italian boxer because of his determination to not give up and keep going no matter how many times he is repeatedly punched in the face. To sum up they’re great films and by some small chance you have not watched them yet I highly suggest you get watching them.


A sum up of my blog so far and its future

I chose boxing as my topic because of my own experiences and love of the sweet science that is boxing. My initial research was already done I knew my own experiences with boxing so I just had to put pen to paper….. or finger to keyboard I guess. I then had a look at other boxing blogs and found one from a guy called Andrew Jara and he is a boxer and his blogs all about him getting back in shape and returning to the sport as well as the exercises and routines he goes through. I hope to follow a similar route as Andrew and blog my return to boxing which I can foresee in the near future. I can feel myself now getting more pumped to get back into boxing so I hope this blog will help to convince and motivate myself to get back into it. As I do get back into it I think my blog will develop into fitness orientated blog and help me keep track of my progress. I plan to continue this blog and I hope it’ll improve and expand as I progress with it. So far I’ve not had any complications doing this blog luckily only little hitches on how to actually properly arrange my blog and change its appearance but that was easily overcome with the help of some friends. I’m happy with the feel and look of my blog there is a fairly laid back and informal feel to it which I hope to continue rather than a rigid almost clerical approach I want the blog to have a part of me in it and not just filled with facts and information. I have included many sources of media including YouTube, pictures and articles, as I progress I’ll hopefully include more pictures and media personal to me which I think will keep it interesting as people follow my return and just read me chatting on about boxers I love or fights coming up that I think will be good. So far I have enjoyed doing this blog and I hope to continue and make it more and more interesting for you. Thanks for reading =)

Permalink Absolute legend

This should be sweet

The fight between David Haye and Dereck Chisoraon the 14th July should be a good one so get near and TV and enjoy

Permalink My first ever time boxing, its grainy and not the best photo but my dad wasn’t exactly the best photographer
Permalink You’ve got to start them early, this is my little brother Toby messing arouind with my gloves
Permalink On my bedroom wall and I love it

My old boxing club

Here’s my old club it was the best but unfortunately the last club I boxed at I think i’ll go back to boxing at some point but it’s very demanding and I can’t do that and everything else I want and have to do at the moment. Click the title for a look =)


A highly recomended boxing game

Since this blog is everything boxing and because im a guy and playing video games and drinking is what we do at uni i had to include this. This was incredibly fun and everyone would get properly into it with people cheering for there winners. We had not technique and just button bashed the whole time but it was fun, we turned it into a drinking game every round you drink  two fingers (put two finger against your glass and drink untill the drink goes below your fingers) and everytime you get knocked down drink four fingers and of course if you lose down your whole drink. so basically everyone gets really drunk and has a laugh. I was not very good so i got very drunk a lot, the girls would even beat me and they dont play xbox but it was good fun. Then the inevitable horrible sad sad day came when after a drinking/ boxing session the disc was broken, we were devasted and mourned its lost. RIP fight night you will be forever missed and never replaced (cant really afford it im a student after all). click the title for a look at Fight night round 4 =)